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One App,
No Crap,Just Sit Back and Tap!

Sometimes, all you need is an app for every moment in crisis. Imagine, if you could fix your problems with one click, without navigating through heaps of unrecognizable icons. Now, it’s reality; be it food delivery, grocery shopping, medicines, cabs or payments, there’s everything here, anything you can think of.

Fidoo Delivery

You demand, we deliver! Just scroll, tap, and order, to get what you want. Endless options without hidden fees or offer limits, from food, groceries, to electronics, and pet supplies; we’ve got everything covered.

We are different

Everything Delivered

1 Super App = All Needs with 100% Transparency

Every Customer is Ultra Max Super Pro

Pro benefits like lightning fast delivery, amazing offers with no upper limit comes at NO EXTRA COST

Search & Order

No need to scroll and search, simply type and find what you need


Fidoo Pay

Another feature to make your life easier, another feather in our cap. FIDOO pay for making payments and saving big on your expenses. More info soon!


Fidoo Cab

Say goodbye to skyrocketing cab fares and welcome affordable cab rides into your life. FIDOO Cab is here. More info soon!

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