Privacy Policy

FIDOO is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains how we collect, use, disclose and protect the Personal Information (as it is defined below) of our Delivery Partners (DPs). It applies to all Personal information collected from such partners by us on the web pages for riders,, or mobile application that links to this Policy, as well as during any written, electronic, and oral communications.

The FIDOO delivery partners' Services may change from time to time. As a result, we reserve the right to update or modify this Policy at any time and from time to time without any prior notice. If we make any material changes to the way we process your Personal Information, we will notify you before such changes are effective. If you object to any changes, you must cease using the FIDOO Services. We recommend you review this Policy periodically.

A. Personal Identifiers and records information – We collect certain profile information associated with your Fidoo account. This may include but is not limited to information such as name, postal address, email address, phone number, social security number, driver’s license number, passport number, medical information, signature, or other similar identifiers.

B. Age & date of birth – We may collect your age, year, or date of birth to enable us, for example, to assess whether you qualify to be a delivery partner.

C. Biometric information – We may collect face photo, identity documents, facial recognition, voice, or other biometric data.

D. Commercial Information – We may collect driver and vehicle information, such as your driver’s license number, license plate, other vehicle and registration information, and insurance information.

A. Subject to T&C and Agreement, DP agrees to make himself available on the Fidoo DP Platform when the user requests for the same through Fidoo.

B. Conditions required before availing of the Fidoo DP Platform include a Security Deposit(which is interest-free and refundable).

C. DPs are provided with Delivery bags, phone, and T-shirts during their time of service. The products are the sole assets of Fidoo and must be returned to us in usable condition after the DP termination and after which the security deposit (if any) shall be refunded to the DP.

D. All the services and charges mentioned in this document can be revised by Fidoo solely at any point in time without any prior notice.

E. DP is required to have a confidential login and password to use the Fidoo DP Platform which he needs to confirm that he doesn't share any confidential information with any third party without the written permission of Fidoo.

F. DP can access the Fidoo DP Platform at all times (except during technical glitches) and shall remain available to accept and deliver orders placed by users.

G. Once logged in with Fidoo, the DP agrees to be tracked by Fidoo via GPS and the real-time information may be shared with the users for better user and delivery connectivity.

H. DP must convey that all reasonable and practical attempts are to be made to reach the restaurant and the user location while picking up and delivering orders.

I. DPs are not allowed to charge anything from the customer over the order value (in the case of Cash-on-Delivery) and nothing in the case of online payment.

J. Fidoo at its own discretion can offer additional incentives (on and above the delivery charges collected from the users) to the DP.

K. There shall be no obligation on DPs to be available on the Fidoo DP platform for a minimum number of hours or days. He can choose to log in anytime her wants, at his sole discretion.

L. DPs are entitled to get training related to order pickup and delivery, directions for delivery, and the manner to store food & beverages by the Lead Business Associate of Fidoo.

A. Delivery partners are required to use their own vehicles for offering the delivery services. No vehicle shall be provided by Fidoo for the same.

B. DP should ensure that the vehicle used for delivery service is in good condition so that there aren’t any delays in delivery.

C. Any expense related to running, riding, and maintaining the vehicle shall be exclusively borne by the DP unless directed otherwise by Fidoo.

D. During the course of delivery services with Fidoo, DPs are expected to be disciplined, honest, and work in accordance with Fidoo’s company policies. Any infringement of the rules is subjected to penalties as levied by Fidoo including termination of the agreement.

E. DPs are not permitted to tamper, open or damage the food and beverages ordered by the user until advised otherwise. If any such case happens, Fidoo holds the sole right to cover up the losses for the same from the DPs payment.

F. DPs are required to deposit all the cash payments received from the users for Cash-on-Delivery payments in such manner and at such intervals as suggested by Fidoo.

G. The partner shall undertake the delivery services himself and is not allowed to assign the same to any other individual or third party.

H. When logged-in, delivery partners are required to not engage in any illegal activity or actions.

I. Delivery partners shall not claim reimbursement for any medical expense including hospitalization incurred while rendering the delivery service.

A. Fidoo reserves the sole right to terminate the agreement of the DPs and deny them access to the DP Platform because of any reason at any time. The day on which DPs’ access to the DP Platform is revoked shall be considered the termination day of their delivery service with us.

B. Fidoo reserves the right to terminate Delivery partners T&C and agreement for the following reasons but not limited to:

(i). Breach of terms mentioned in T&C and the agreement by the DP;

(ii). Unable to verify DP Information;

(iii). Any fraudulent conduct, customer complaints, unsatisfactory work, low work ethics, etc;

(iv). Any behavioral act, ethical issues, a criminal offense punishable under the law;

(v). Poor performance or not meeting the required targets as specified by us;

(vi). Denying/ canceling or fast forwarding any of the orders assigned to them;

(vii). Indulging into activities detrimental to Fidoo’s image in the online and offline spheres;

C. Upon termination, DPs are required to submit all the assets within 24hrs of time. If failed to do so, Fidoo holds the right to forfeit the security deposit.         

D. In case the DP tends to voluntarily terminate his agreement with Fidoo as a Delivery service partner, he needs to give at least 15 days prior notice in writing to the management.