A rapidly changing shopping ecosystem, a heightened concern for hygiene and an ever present need to deliver value for money is what led to the creation of Fidoo, India's first app to bring the entire offline market for groceries, daily essentials, medicines and more to a single online platform.

This is a unique beehive where thousands of home grown businesses put in the internal work to reach a broader clientele through a trusty and supportive infrastructure at lower commissions. What shows on the outside is Fidoo's endless plethora of product categories coupled with an ability to deliver products at lightning fast speed, checking every box there may be on a customer's shopping wish list.

Fidoo is changing shopping norms for the better and paving the way for customers to indulge in hassle free shopping from the comfort of their home and still get a bang for their buck.


Honesty and commitment towards our community of merchants and riders along with super satisfying service to our customers remain at the core of Fidoo’s all-integrating and highly efficient system.


Fidoo offers the best possible convenience and accessibility through its reliable and time-savvy way of delivering all kinds of goods ranging from online medicine, grocery, food delivery, and much more in less than 30 minutes. It is India’s first app and an aggregator in the hyperlocal retail industry to make the entire offline market for groceries, daily essentials, medicines, and more accessible to you at your fingertip compared to other popular delivery services where most local stores you are accustomed to are not listed.

Most items that you order through e-commerce websites take 2-3 days to deliver but Fidoo has the policy of one order per person which makes the delivery the quickest compared to all other delivery systems. And you get to access all types of stores with their whole range of products on the app ensuring that you find EVERYTHING at the tap of your finger.

Our objective is to respect your time and your trust in us by bringing to you the swiftest delivery available at the most affordable rates, completely hassle-free.


We believe in “benefits for all” philosophy and to that end, Fidoo as a platform is all inclusive, creating a friendly and economical system for merchants and riders to find the best returns out of the business structure.

This is how we are happy to connect local merchants to thousands of customers through an app that promises transparency and satisfaction wherein merchants can boost their business to an extensive level.


Fidoo Grocery Delivery

Your everyday kitchen staples are now in safe and steady hands. Order groceries online at the most affordable rates.

Fidoo Medicine Delivery

Buy medicine online in the easiest way possible with our user-friendly app and expect swift deliveries. Fidoo is your all-time online pharmacy.

Fidoo Pet Care Food Delivery
Pet care

There is absolutely no need to wait to get treats for your pet and other essentials such as pee pads, toys, etc. Buy pet food and all other essentials at Fidoo online.

Fidoo Electronics Item Delivery

Well, we are all aware of a charger gone missing suddenly or batteries gone dead. No worries as we supercharge your day with swift delivery to ensure the light on your face never dims.

Fidoo Food Delivery

In the mood for spicy flavours and don’t feel like cooking? Count on us to make your dishes come true in less than 30 minutes with our speedy online food delivery service.

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