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Become Fidoo Delivery Partner
Easy to apply

We will spare you any unnecessary paperwork & interviews. Just follow the basic rules and be efficient in timely pick-up & delivery. Consequently, you must have an ISI certified helmet for your safety.

Next day payout
Get paid everyday

There’s no need to wait for the month-end to get paid. Just do your daily work on time and get paid for it. Simple & effective!

Higher Payout
Higher pay

Compared to all other popular delivery systems, Fidoo ensures a higher pay which helps you earn well on your own flexible timings. All we expect is efficiently completed tasks.

No minimum order policy
No order target

It is completely up to you how many orders you deliver on a daily basis and therefore, no deductions from your payments.

Great incentives
Great incentives

There are thousands of users on Fidoo and by managing your pick-up & deliveries on time as well as your courteous behaviour makes you eligible for attractive benefits.

Professional system
Be a professional

Quality matters and we help you understand your relationship with the customer through thorough training in behaviour and assistance.

How the Fidoo set-up works

Fidoo merchant setup

Step 1

Fidoo & merchants connect over the requirements & establish the understanding

Hassle-free Setup

Step 2

Easy and hassle-free setup of the merchant account

Recieve Orders

Step 3

Merchants receive multiple orders & start selling in just 1-2 days


Daily Payout

Guaranteed Daily Payouts

Minimum per day wage

There is a minimum per day wage that you earn regardless of making or not making deliveries on certain days. Fidoo supports your hard work and efficiency!

No month long wait

No month-long wait

We understand that labouring all day and waiting for the month-end payment makes zero sense. So, we let you exercise full control over your earnings.

No Deductions

No payment deductions

What you earn daily is yours to keep. We don’t believe in extra cuts and therefore, once you’re a Fidoo rider, you open doors to multiple business benefits.

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